Recipe for Recovery: Carrot Tahini Muffins
Easy even for those of us not inclined toward baking

My current recovery meal plan includes three snacks a day. That’s three snacks more than I allowed myself to eat before beginning the recovery process. At the treatment center, the snacks mostly consisted of packaged foods that I had never seen before like poptarts and chex mix. The cool kids in middle school had these in their lunches, but my earthy-crunchy family never bought these when I was growing up. So overcoming both a fear of the unknown and eating in general was a big hurdle.

I systemically worked my way through each of the snacks at the treatment center, making this challenge more approachable by turning it into a research project (I’m a biologist, so…). Along the way, I learned some surprising things as I allowed myself to explore new foods for the first time. I actually liked some of the food they served, like fig newtons and honey pretzels. Poptarts, not so much. Developing food preferences is a really positive sign in recovery. To be able to like or dislike something based on your own preferences puts you one step closer to intuitive eating.

Now that I’m not in treatment, I’ve found other snack options that work for me. I tend to like ones that combine the starch and the fat exchange into a single food, so that I have to make as few choices as possible. Enter muffins!

Up your muffin game by adding a tahini glaze

As far as I’m concerned, muffins make the perfect recovery snack. They’re easy to make, easy to eat, and are a great vehicle for exposing yourself to more challenging foods because basically anything can go in a muffin.

So without further ado, here is a link to the recipe for carrot tahini muffins:


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